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Complete Service for Wedding Birds, Grooms and Bridesmaid Costumes


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After Wedding Services:

Dry Cleaning to restore your costumes to be as new when you show it to future generations


Bespoke personal Dry Cleaning Hand made, life time wedding dresses storage boxes

Your wedding dress is probably the most expensive and treasured dress you have. However with passing time it might need to be altered so that it can still be worn with as much grace. In order to wear it with as much pleasure without having to make it look too tight or loose, you need to hire the services of a professional.

At Fast Stitch Ltd we have tailors who are wedding dress alteration specialists. While you can be sure about the dress being well handled and altered, we also lay special attention on preserving the original look of the dress. We can also recommend additions if required in order to make the dress more contemporary with passing times.

Also at each time we welcome our clients to check out the fitting and give us feedback about how they feel wearing their wedding dress. We have had a lot of clients who get nostalgic as the special dress makes them feel special once again and reminds them of the most beautiful day in their lives.

In fact a lot of wedding dress alterations have to be made because certain mothers want to pass on their wedding attire to their daughters or daughters in law. In such cases as well, wedding dress alteration becomes very essential. While the alteration has to be done for the size, we can also assist in modifying the pattern to an extent as well so that the overall look of the dress also looks quite modern.

Fast Stitch Ltd is a complete tailoring and alterations services provider and when it comes to wedding dress alterations we are definitely the specialists. We look forward to helping you with the alterations as well as help you preserve the charm that you associate with this special dress.